The original hot yoga

Bikram hot yoga is a unique yoga series of 26 postures that is suitable for all levels of ability, even beginners and those with limited flexibility!  While it is a great workout, there are no intermediate or advanced postures, like headstands or handstands.  You’ll be able to do the whole class!

It is traditional Hatha yoga in a heated room, combining a cardiovascular workout and deeply therapeutic yoga.  Bikram Yoga is known to promote the healing of backs and knees!

Hot yoga strengthens and tones the muscles, allowing for deep, safe stretching. It is calming for the mind and helps reduce stress. Bikram hot yoga promotes detoxification of the body through sweat, postures and breathing exercises.

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Join Marlon for the Vinyasa class on Saturday, April 18th at 12noon.

She may have time to teach Bikram classes as well.  Watch this space and facebook.

Regular memberships and prices apply.

NEW CLASS ON THE SCHEDULE from 3rd January 2015!

We have added the popular Ashtanga-based Vinyasa flow class to our regular schedule. Join us at 12noon on Saturdays to take this class as a perfect compliment to your Bikram practice. Regular prices apply.


Only going to be in Ottawa for a month?  If you’ve already taken advantage of our 1-month Introductory special on a previous visit, then purchase our new 1-month Unlimited pass for $140 + HST.

Introductory special – 1-month unlimited yoga pass for $ 40 (including HST) on your first visit to Bikram Yoga Ottawa.  Also receive a 10% discount off your next pass, if you purchase it before the 1-month unlimited yoga pass expires.

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